The New Microsoft Surface Pro 10 For Business Is An AI Game Changer

By Alan Strakey
April 5, 2024

Surface Pro 10 for Business is designed for teams that need a no-compromise device. Packed with commercial-grade features, it is Microsoft’s most powerful Surface Pro ever, powered by the latest Intel processors.

Microsoft Pro 10 for Business

Microsoft is gearing up for its “year of the AI PC” by launching the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business featuring Microsoft Copilot. This new addition to the Surface lineup boasts a sleek design, impressive performance, and innovative features tailored for professional use. It's said to be up to 53 percent faster than its predecessor, aiming to transform how businesses operate.


The latest Surface Pro 10 for Business is a high-powered AI PC crafted to meet the needs of modern teams without any compromises. It runs on the newest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors with upgraded CPU and GPU and an integrated CPU for an AI boost. With up to 64 GB of RAM and a battery life of up to 19 hours, this PC offers the performance and reliability essential for businesses striving in today's fast-paced environment.


Built for Business. Designed for Versatility.

Equipped with AI assistance from the Microsoft Copilot key, the Surface Pro 10 enhances productivity through various input methods, such as touch gestures and voice commands, and using the Surface Slim Pen for writing prompts. The pen is sold separately, and a software license is required for some features. Users will also be able to use Copilot in OneNote and other Microsoft 365 applications to analyze handwritten notes.


Furthermore, the Surface Pro 10 introduces innovative connectivity options that empower users to stay connected where they are. Expected later this year, a version of the Surface Pro 10 with 5G capability on the Intel platform for the first time will offer employees high-speed internet access and reliable network connectivity, whether they are at work or on the move.


Standout Screen Technology

The Surface Pro 10 boasts an enhanced display that is 33 percent brighter with improved contrast and includes a PixelSense™ touchscreen that provides ample space for productive work with touch functionality. It also showcases a new Ultrawide Studio Camera capable of recording in 1440p resolution at a wide-angle view of 114 degrees for enhanced video calling experiences. Additionally, it incorporates durable anti-reflective technology that reduces glare by up to half.


Keeping Customers Protected

Security is of utmost importance, and the Surface Pro 10 adheres to the strict standards of modern business environments. As a Secured-Core PC with integrated zero trust security from chip to cloud, it offers robust customer and company data protection, featuring Enhanced Sign in Security as a default security measure. In addition, a newly built-in NFC card reader allows for secure authentication without passwords using NFC security keys, ensuring businesses have peace of mind.


The Surface 10 devices are now more repairable and serviceable than ever before. They feature QR codes on internal components to simplify sourcing and visual clues to identify screws and driver types.


For Surface partners, the release of the Surface Pro 10 presents a significant opportunity to meet the rising demand for cutting-edge business technology. By offering this innovative device to your clients, you can help them enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration while boosting your company's revenue growth.


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