Microsoft Unveils Copilot Key For Windows 11: Revolutionizing AI Interaction

By Alan Strakey
January 22, 2024

Microsoft is adding a dedicated Copilot key that summons the generative AI-powered assistant with the click of a button in its most significant update to the Windows keyboard in three decades.

Microsoft Copilot Key For Windows 11

In a bid to make 2024 the year of AI PC, Microsoft is introducing a keyboard redesign marking the most substantial change in nearly three decades. Starting in February, numerous new Microsoft laptops and PCs running on the Windows 11 operating system will incorporate a “Copilot key.” This key aims to revolutionize how users interact with AI chatbots.


The Copilot key will join the Windows key as a part of PC keyboards. When pressed it grants access to Microsoft’s AI-powered Windows Copilot. Its goal is to transform user interactions by assisting with tasks like document summary creation, stunning image generation, music recommendations, and even answering questions typically posed to search engines or AI chatbots. 


This groundbreaking development marks another transformative moment in making generative AI an integral part of everyday computing, where Copilot will enhance the user experience on Microsoft devices. 


In With the New. Out with the Old.

By dedicating a key to Copilot, a trade-off must be made with another key’s functionality. The new Copilot key will be positioned between the right-hand Alt button and arrow keys on most keyboards, a spot previously reserved for the Menu key (application key) on Microsoft Surface keyboards. On PCs without access to Copilot, pressing this key will instead open Windows Search, which is similar to the functionality of the existing Windows key. These keyboard changes will also impact OEMs in markets where placement might vary.


The introduction of this button will first be seen on Windows 11 laptops and PCs from Microsoft partners showcased at CES 2024. A broader release, including upcoming Surface devices, is expected from February through spring. Eventually, having a Copilot button will become a required feature.


Empowering Partners to Build an AI Business

The Copilot Key is set to redefine how users interact with AI by providing an intuitive experience. By integrating advanced AI capabilities directly into the keyboard, Microsoft has effectively transformed the traditional input device into a powerful communication and productivity tool. 


The Copilot Key brings benefits to Microsoft partners, allowing them to stand out in a competitive market and offering AI-powered computing solutions that cater to the changing needs of tech-savvy consumers.


To delve deeper into Copilot and explore the new age of AI, visit the official Microsoft blog.