Unleash The Power Of Collaboration With Surface Hub 3 And Microsoft Teams Rooms

By Alan Strakey
December 15, 2023

Conference rooms have transformed from mere meeting spaces to advanced environments that boost collaboration, communication and productivity. Integrating Microsoft Teams Rooms with the new Surface Hub 3 enables teams to convene and co-create in a more inclusive and innovative manner, ensuring the workplace remains adaptable to future needs.

Surface Hub 3 with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Based on recent data from Mimecast, 90 percent of companies believe collaboration tools are essential to the well-ordered functioning of their companies. The rapid demand and team use of collaboration and video conferencing solutions is driven by hybrid work, which has fueled the market's growth over the past two years. 


In response to growing market needs, partners seek vendors who can provide technologies and capabilities that foster inclusive ways for hybrid teams to come together and collaborate. Microsoft has been quick to heed the call by introducing the Surface Hub 3 for Business integrated with the power of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows experience. This combination aims to revolutionize how teams collaborate, facilitating innovation and efficiency.


Microsoft Teams on Rooms Technology

By leveraging Microsoft Teams Rooms technology, users can enjoy HD video, audio, content sharing and more within spaces of all sizes. Teams Rooms bridge the gap between workers and those physically present in meetings, enabling everyone to participate fully regardless of location.


To join a Microsoft Teams meeting, walk up to the Surface Hub 3 screen, and one touch will start the interaction, optimized to the 85-inch or 50-inch screen size. The same is true for Zoom or Webex meetings. The images and videos on the 4K screen with high-resolution graphic performance are clear and sharp. This means that users can have a consistent experience across all meeting spaces and smoothly move from one room to another, whether using the streamlined touch-first interface on Surface Hub 3 or the more traditional console-based Teams Rooms setup.


Remote participants benefit from an improved, inclusive viewing experience. With the Surface Hub Smart Camera’s 136-degree field of view and the PixelSense display with an anti-glare coating, the content remains visible in any lighting condition while allowing everyone in the room to be seen simultaneously. This is an improvement compared to the previous fisheye camera used in earlier versions. The Surface Hub 3 includes persistent chat, Front Row layout, an enhanced console calendar and more. 


Through certified accessories developed by trusted manufacturers, Surface is meeting customers' specific needs. The Steelcase Roam Collection of stands, mounts, and mobile carts allows for active collaboration with flexibility in deployment. Users can unplug and take their ideas virtually anywhere in the building with the APC™ Charge Mobile Battery.


High Growth Opportunity for Partners

The modern workplace is hybrid, and the channel community has an excellent opportunity to seize. A report from Fortune Business Insights predicts this market will experience a growth rate of 13.2 percent and is estimated to be valued at approximately $40.79 billion by 2028.


Partners who can effectively meet the rapidly growing demand for higher-quality meeting and collaboration solutions can set themselves apart in a competitive landscape, generate new sources of revenue and enhance customer satisfaction levels. Read the official Surface IT Blog to learn about the new Surface Hub 3.