Shaping The Future Of AI And Partner Prosperity

By Alan Strakey
December 28, 2023

AI-powered devices offer opportunities for channel partners to unlock new revenue streams and drive growth. Discover how Microsoft crafted the AI experience of the Surface Pro 9 to enhance employees' ability to work in more efficient, intelligent, and productive ways.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with 5G

There is a widespread belief that AI won't replace jobs. Instead, individuals who can effectively utilize AI will replace those who cannot. The advancement of AI tools is rapidly reaching a point where they can automate the creation of documents, reports, and other creative materials. By robotizing these tasks, workers will have more time to focus on valuable and meaningful responsibilities. Furthermore, AI-assisted decision-making tools help organizations make informed choices quickly and accurately.


As organizations continue integrating AI into their workflows, balancing automation and the unique contributions that only humans can offer becomes crucial. This holds true when it comes to incorporating AI into devices.


Microsoft Designs AI for the Human Experience

Designing the Microsoft Surface AI experience was based on empowering individuals to work in simpler, smarter, and more productive ways. It is about amplifying their skills, allowing them to do more with less.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with 5G is at the forefront of the AI device revolution, providing benefits for employers and employees. Here are some AI-driven features on the Surface Pro 9 that will fuel digital transformation in the coming years.


  • Automatic framing – The device’s camera intelligently keeps the user at the center of the screen and in focus at all times—no matter where they are in the room.
  • Voice focus technology – Powerful neural processing units (NPUs) accurately capture your voice while reducing background noise, making sounds barely noticeable.
  • Background blur Choose between a heavy :standard blur” or a softer “portrait blur,” with improved edge detection to create a distinct contrast between backgrounds and foreground images.
  • Productivity tools – Applications assist in managing calendars, prioritizing tasks, and even offering suggestions for optimal work schedules to promote a healthier work-life balance and increase overall job satisfaction.
  • Next-generation NPUs – Advanced processors optimize power usage and extend battery performance by offloading tasks from the CPU, providing computational power while conserving energy.  

Check out this video that provides insights into how Microsoft's design and engineering teams create a best-in-class, responsible AI experience for the Surface Pro 9.


Early Adoption of AI Creates Partner Opportunity

Being an early adopter of AI can open up exciting opportunities for channel partners. They can explore new revenue streams by reselling, co-selling, and upselling AI-powered devices. Additionally, they can offer integration and implementation services to enhance the customer experience further. By establishing partnerships with leading AI technology vendors today, these partners will position themselves for success in the future.


If you want to make the most of selling AI, consider becoming a Surface partner.