IDC Whitepaper Reveals The Business Value Of Microsoft Surface

By Alan Strakey
January 26, 2024

Your customers need the right tools to get the job done, and finding the proper devices can be costly and time-consuming. IDC analyzed the financial benefits and productivity of premium Microsoft Surface devices that can potentially save organizations $9,036 in savings and benefits over a three-year period.

The Business Value Of Microsoft Surface

As technology revolutionizes our work, equipping employees with the right work tools is vital. Companies are recognizing the impact that investing in top-notch PCs can have on employee productivity and efficiency when compared to lower-cost alternatives. Opting for premium devices like Microsoft Surface for Business can yield measurable returns on investment (ROI) that can’t be overlooked.


The IDC whitepaper, "Evaluating the Business Value of Microsoft Surface," explores how Microsoft Surface devices powered by Microsoft 365 contribute to enhancing modern enterprises. Through extensive research and analysis, the whitepaper highlights advantages end users receive from Microsoft Surface, such as improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, direct cost savings, and heightened user satisfaction.


Calculating Costs and Savings

The IDC research findings show that organizations can establish a business case for investing in a fleet of high-quality Microsoft Surface devices. Over three years, this investment provides up to $2.8 in savings for every $1 in costs when accounting for benefits through IT efficiencies and increased employee productivity. The overall direct savings of a Surface investment is up to $293 per device and includes:


  • Higher residual value - Surface devices maintain their value better than other devices. 
  • Reduced support - Surface devices require 23 percent lower third-party support and security costs.
  • Accessories savings - With superior virtual meeting capabilities, fewer cameras, lights, docks, headsets, and other third-party peripherals are required.


Impacting Productivity and Collaboration 

For employees, the PC remains the most essential tool for productivity, and it has recently undergone significant feature and functionality advancements. Microsoft Surface for Business devices are designed with a user-centric approach featuring interfaces and unique capabilities like touch and pen input, LTE connectivity, 2-in-1 tablet functionality, plus seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Windows. These devices offer functionality for mobile and hybrid workforces.


By investing in Surface for Business devices with Microsoft 365, organizations can help save on costs while empowering employees to work more efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and unlock creativity. The direct savings, enhanced IT efficiency, and improved employee experience make Surface for Business devices a valuable choice for any organization.


Download the whitepaper now to learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Surface powered with Microsoft 365 backed by IDC's research findings.