A New World Of Security Out Of The Box

By Alan Strakey
December 11, 2023

With the economic impact of cyberattacks expected to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025, there‘s a critical need for the channel to fortify cybersecurity from the ground up. Microsoft Surface's robust defense-in-depth strategy prioritizes protecting your customers while saving them time and money from day one.

Microsoft Surface Chip-to-Cloud Security

By the end of 2024, the cost of cyberattacks will soar to USD $9.5 trillion globally, with projections reaching a staggering $10.5 trillion by 2025, according to a report from eSentire. These alarming figures highlight the urgent need for organizations, their partners, and vendors to prioritize cybersecurity as a strategic imperative.

No company is immune to being targeted in today's digital landscape, and every device is vulnerable to potential attacks. According to a report from Sophos, 50 percent  of all security breaches can be attributed to compromised credentials, while exploited vulnerabilities account for 23 percent of incidents. Adding to this challenge is that many organizations still lack multifactor authentication (MFA), making it even easier for attackers to exploit credential compromises.

Security Designed and Built From the Ground Up

Microsoft Surface takes security seriously by adopting a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach that integrates robust security features into every Surface product. With chip-to-cloud security spanning multiple layers encompassing hardware, firmware, software, applications, cloud services, and identity management, each Surface component undergoes rigorous testing and continuous maintenance under Microsoft's watchful eye. This process ensures unparalleled IT control over security measures while providing your customers proactive protection and peace of mind.

Here are some critical security features that work behind the scenes on Surface devices to minimize cyber threats and ensure the safety of your customers:

  • Built-in antivirus protection: Every Surface device comes with Windows Security. This built-in security system combines innovative hardware and software to detect and protect against malware in real time.
  • Comprehensive online protection: Microsoft 365 subscribers receive Microsoft Defender at no extra cost. It's an easy-to-use security app that helps individuals safeguard their identities, data, and devices from online threats.
  • Automatic updates: Surface laptops and tablets not only come with pre-installed antivirus software but also ensure that security measures remain up to date. Automatic software updates are applied to fix security vulnerabilities and keep viruses away from the device, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Innovative Identity protectionWindows Hello, available on select Surface devices, revolutionizes the login process by verifying credentials through PINs, facial recognition, or fingerprints. This provides instant access to Windows 11 devices while protecting users from phishing attempts, network attacks, and password leaks. The biometric data is secure and only stored on the local device. That means it’s never sent or shared with any external device or server.
  • Strong software security: All Surface devices are designed to be compatible with Microsoft 365, which enables organizations to set up MFA for added protection against breaches caused by lost or stolen credentials.
  • Integrated GPS tracking: While prevention is key to avoiding the consequences of a stolen laptop, Surface devices can assist in locating lost or stolen devices. Every device has built-in GPS tracking, allowing users to utilize the Find My Device feature to recover misplaced or stolen hardware. This helps mitigate security threats that rely on physical access to devices.

Surface devices offer top-notch security features that prioritize protecting your customers while saving them time and money from day one. For more information about how Surface revolutionizes cyber security protection, please visit Surface for Business.